This Twitter Troll Was No Match For Chrissy Teigen's Social Media Prowess

The Queen of Twitter was quick to shut down someone snarking on her Tonys appearance.

Note to Chrissy Teigen’s Twitter trolls: Don’t even bother.

On Sunday night, the Sports Illustrated model attended the Tony Awards with husband John Legend. Teigen, being the loving wife she is, was there to support her man, who was nominated (and won) for co-producing the Broadway revival of “Jitney.”

Just after midnight on Monday following the awards, one Twitter user, who goes by the handle @mrsbuttertooth, seemed to think Teigen’s presence at the show was unwarranted.

“@chrissyteigen will show up for anything,” the user quipped in response to a Vanity Fair tweet with a link to a red carpet roundup. It appears the user has since deleted the tweet.


“Yes, if my partner of 10 years is nominated, I will show up with him, you witch,” Teigen replied.

Teigen, 1. Mrsbuttertooth, 0.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

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