Chrissy Teigen Sets Account To Private Because We Don't Deserve Her Twitter Excellence

“I just feel like I am absorbing bad shit 24/7."
So long, farewell. 
So long, farewell. 

Like the many celebrities overwhelmed by Twitter vitriol before her, Chrissy Teigen has made her account private for now.

Just a few hours after tweeting what we were all thinking during Tuesday night’s vice presidential debate, Teigen revealed that she had switched her privacy settings because she’s “not strong enough anymore.”

Tweets sent from a private Twitter account cannot be shared, linked to or embedded. They can only be seen by the user’s confirmed followers who, for Teigen, number at 2.88 million. In other words, she still has a voice on social media ― just not one that can be heard by the entire internet.

“It’s not haters or trolls or generally mean people,” she continued, via Twitter. “I just feel like I am absorbing bad shit 24/7. My body and mind cannot handle it anymore.”

The “bad shit” most likely stemmed from tweets she released earlier in the night that were critical of Indiana Gov. Mike Pence’s debate performance. 

One, which has since been deleted, read, “Whoa we are witnessing the death of Pence’s batteries.” 

Another empathized with the vice presidential candidate’s attempts to rationalize running mate Donald Trump’s outrageous comments over the course of the campaign. 

“Man. Imagine having to defend Donald’s EXACT statements. Not an easy task,” she wrote.

Teigen had become a beacon of sanity on social media, especially when it came to election season commentary. 

The model, along with husband John Legend, has been actively championing presidential candidate Hillary Clinton by traveling across the U.S. urging young voters to come out in full force on election day. The couple appeared at a rally in Las Vegas together and even hosted a VP debate watch party

We’re glad you’re taking care of yourself, Chrissy. 



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