Christen Whitney Shares 'Hardest Part' Of Being Mocked By 'Bachelor In Paradise' Co-Stars

She's taking the teasing in stride, but, she told HuffPost, some jabs have been over the line.

After “Bachelor in Paradise” star Christen Whitney became the target of cast jokes about her passion for scallops, the 26-year-old took the ribbing in good humor. But in an interview on the HuffPost podcast “Here to Make Friends,” she admitted that the scale of mockery was hard to swallow.

“It was too far a couple of times,” she said, referencing several jokes made about her by cast bartender Wells Adams. 

The trouble started when Whitney showed up in “Paradise.” She soon asked Matt Munson on a date ― although he’d been hanging out with Jasmine Goode, a friend of hers from their time on “The Bachelor” Season 21, since the first day of taping. While Munson had been trying to distance himself, and took the initiative to tell Whitney he’d like to go on a date with her, Goode remained invested in their relationship and was furious that a friend of hers was pursuing him. She and many of the other cast members mocked her new rival behind her back for once taking scallops to go during a girls’ night out, then eating them with her fingers in the car, inspiring the nickname “Scallop Fingers.” 

Whitney didn’t learn about the epithet for several days. Even after hearing about her nickname, she didn’t realize the scope of the teasing until shortly before the episodes aired, when she saw a pre-cut version. “I was terrified for about a week and a half,” she told “Here to Make Friends.” Whitney felt better, she said, when the episodes aired and many viewers defended her and condemned the cast’s treatment of her.

Though Whitney said she’d apologized repeatedly to Goode for hurting her by pursuing Munson, she also said she didn’t apologize for taking him on the date. Goode has stood by her behavior on “Paradise,” despite criticism. “When you get backstabbed by a friend it sucks don’t ya think...” she tweeted at one point.

“To see her continue to try and turn people against me on social media, that was, I would say, hands down the hardest part in all of it,” Whitney said.

The love triangle drama will likely be revisited during this week’s reunion portion of the finale, which taped at the end of August, and it sounds like the on-camera conversation won’t fix anything. Asked how it went, Whitney responded, “I was a little deflated, because I felt like I didn’t want to focus on that kind of drama, and when you have someone kind of yelling at you a lot, you just kind of sit there.” Yikes. We won’t hold our breath when it comes to a reconciliation.

For the rest of the interview with Christen Whitney, check out HuffPost’s Here To Make Friends podcast below:


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