Christian Bale: We’d Be Better Off If ‘White Dudes’ Weren’t Running Everything

The "Hostiles" actor called the U.S. a "country of inclusion."

Christian Bale believes that American culture would be “much richer” if the people in power weren’t primarily white men.

The actor, alongside his “Hostiles” co-stars Rosamund Pike and Wes Studi, stopped by AOL Build on Monday to talk about the upcoming Western drama set in the late 1890s. The film, directed by Scott Cooper, centers around a U.S. cavalry officer who is ordered to escort a Cheyenne war chief back to his family in Montana.

During the discussion, Bale brought up the importance of diversity in positions of power, especially in current American culture.

“Our culture will be so much richer the day that we stop saying ‘Hey it’s all white dudes who are running things,’” he said. “Whether that be Hollywood, whether that be Washington, you know. We’re going to get, in Hollywood, so much better films and so much more interesting stories being told and America will become the America that the rest of the world sees it as, that makes it unique … that we recognize makes this such a beautiful, brilliant country.”

The English actor added that the U.S. is “a country of inclusion.” He said he moved his family to the U.S. because he simply fell in love with the country.

“It’s the reason why I moved here,” he said. “It’s the reason why my kids have American accents.”

Watch another clip from the AOL Build interview below.

“Hostiles” hits theaters Dec. 22, 2017.

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