Christian Bale Writes On His Face For Man With Cancer, Confirms He'll Always Be Our Superhero

Christian Bale Writes On His Face For Man With Cancer

He may have retired his Batmobile, but Christian Bale has proven once again that he’ll always be a superhero to us.

When the "American Hustle" star heard about Dan Hammond, a comic book aficionado who has been battling cancer for more than half his life, Bale decided to reach out to support the 21-year-old.

Family and friends have been posting creative signs to Dan's Facebook wall that read, "Dan’s Our Man #GodsGotThis." But when the Academy Award-winning actor learned about the campaign from Hammond’s cousin who works in costume design, Bale decided to join in, reported.

But instead of just holding up a piece of paper, Bale scrawled his message along his forehead and cheeks.

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He also included a note that read "To a real superhero!"

Hammond, of Springfield, Pa., who was first diagnosed with cancer when he was 9 years old, is battling astrocytoma -- a tumor that's developed on his spinal cord, according to

Hammond’s mother, Jody, has been documenting his progress on her CaringBridge blog. On Monday, she wrote that Hammond was recovering from stomach surgery, saying, "he is weak but with us." Last week, she wrote that the whole family is enjoying the uplifting Facebook posts that make them "laugh."

Want to tell Dan Hammond that he's "our man" too? Go ahead and post a kind message to his Facebook page here.

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