The '7 Careers Christians May No Longer Hold' Because Of Gay Advocates: American Family Association's Tim Wildmon

Though his organization has become notorious for its anti-gay proclamations, American Family Association President Tim Wildmon has sparked the ire of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community once again after sending a bizarre email which claimed that the list of careers that Christians can hold is "shrinking" because of "homosexual aggression."

Noting that the LGBT community "pro-actively" seeks "opportunities to wreck the personal business and career" of Christians who don't support same-sex marriage and other rights, Wildmon cited examples of what he described as a "focused effort to ostracize and humiliate faith-based businesses and their owners," according to Right Wing Watch. The list of careers included photography, counseling, baking and teaching.

Among the cases Wildmon cited in the email, according to the report, was Sweet Cakes by Melissa, the Oregon bakery owned by Aaron and Melissa Klein which sparked controversy after citing their religious beliefs in their decision not to prep a cake for a same-sex couple's wedding ceremony. Also referenced were Vermont's Wildflower Inn, which no longer hosts weddings after being fined $30,000 for turning away a same-sex couple, and Washington florist Barronelle Stutzman, who is currently facing a lawsuit from her state's attorney general after refusing to create floral arrangements for a same-sex couple.

To see the full list of careers that Wildmon implied were off-limits to Christians, click here.

Wildmon's remarks echo those of his American Family Association co-hort Bryan Fischer, who recently claimed that Christians should "reclaim discrimination" against the LGBT community.

"There are times when discrimination is the right thing to do," Fischer, who compared the gay community to shoplifters, said at the time. "It is right to discriminate against people who engage in aberrant sexual behavior. We should discriminate against people like that."



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