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Christians Should Be Allowed To Bully Gays, Dave Daubenmire Claims

This seems to be some lovely circular conservative logic at its finest.

"Coach" Dave Daubenmire uploaded a new rant to the Internet this week -- this time about bullying. However, make no mistake -- Daubenmire isn't against bullying. In fact, he believes it is "a part of life." Instead, he goes on a rant about how America is "sissifying" its youth by training some of the "softest children in the history of the world."

But he doesn't stop there. What seems to be at the core of Daubenmire's frustrations surrounding the initiative to combat bullying is that its focus is "to get people not to criticize or make fun of or poke fun at homosexuals."

As Right Wing Watch first reported, Daubenmire fumed, "And when Christians can no longer say 'something that their conscience tells them to say, then we see that majority begin to bully the minority," so now "we're beginning to see Christians, and Christian idea, and Christian values become the most bullied things in all of this nation.'"

Not familiar with Daubenmire? He is a former high school football coach who was sued in the 1990s for allegedly coercing his students to pray. He has reportedly "built his entire post-coaching career on telling people how his first amendment rights were violated by the Constitution, and on running the ministry he founded, Pass the Salt Ministries (no kidding)."

This is not the first time this circular logic has been used to support the mentality that disallowing anti-LGBT individuals to discriminate against gays is a form of bullying.

Most recently, the American Family Association's Bryan Fischer previously claimed that the closing of Sweet Cakes By Melissa after the business refused to bake a cake for a lesbian wedding evidenced "a homosexual mafia... they stormed, metaphorically, the bakery and got it completely shut down.”

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