Gay Christian Uses Grindr Social App To Locate Other Religious Gay Southerners (VIDEO)

Photographer and filmmaker Christian Hendricks recently embarked on a journey documenting queer culture in the deep American South.

Hendrick's project, entitled "South of the Ohio," began at the beginning of August in Kentucky, where he visited the Creation Museum, talked with queer girls at a roller derby and stumbled upon a local PFLAG meeting.

Hendricks also met Michael James Alexander Szalapski, a gay Christian who doesn't use the Grindr social app just for hooking up, but instead to bring other gay people to his church and spread the word that you can be both gay and a Christian.

In the video above, Hendricks interviews Szalapski about his unusual method for growing his church's congregation and also discusses the everyday life of being gay in the South.

Hendricks' "South of the Ohio" project will take him across 3,000 miles over 42 days. To learn more about it click here and check out some photos from the first week of the journey below.



South Of The Ohio