Christian Hobbs Hid Beneath Trailer For Days, Recorded Child Porn Videos, Police Say

A New Hampshire woman who thought that a wild animal was stuck beneath her mobile home made a frightening discovery when she peered in for a closer look.

"Hey, it's just me. Don't be scared," said the alleged child pornographer and peeping tom hiding in one of the trailer's air vents, the Eagle-Tribune reports.

On Tuesday, Salem Police arrested 47-year-old Christian Hobbs, who authorities believe spent two days sleeping, masturbating and videotaping the woman and her toddler son.

“I didn't see him personally, but I thought there was an animal in my house, and I went to go survey the area because I saw something not right. I went to go check out to see what it was and that was when he revealed himself,” the victim said, according to WHDH.

Policed arrived at approximately 8:45 p.m. when they noticed Hobbs walking along nearby Route 28. They stopped and questions the suspect, who confessed to the crime.

“I did it, it was me under the trailer,” he told an officer, according to WWLP.

Hobbs actually has a history with his alleged victim.

The Eagle-Tribune reports:

She bought the trailer from him five years ago this month... And just about two weeks ago, [she] hired Hobbs to do some work on her trailer. After investigating, police concluded Hobbs had hooked up two baby monitors in the trailer -- one in the bedroom, the other in a dryer duct.

Police say that while doing the handiwork, Hobbs cut holes in the trailer floor where he stored PowerBars, drinks, tissues and other supplies. He then positioned himself underneath the structure.

Hobbs created as many as 16 one-minute cellphone videos, some containing nude footage of the woman's son, police said. He faces charges including felony burglary, felony wiretapping, felony manufacture of child pornography, prowling, criminal mischief, criminal trespassing and violation of privacy.

Hobbs was arraigned on Thursday and is being held on $25,000 cash bail.



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