Christian Massey, 21-Year-Old With Special Needs, Killed Over 'Beats By Dre' Headphones

A 21-year-old man was shot and killed Saturday in Philadelphia when he refused to give up his new $300 “Beats by Dre” headphones to an unknown thief.

On Monday, friends and family gathered to mourn the loss of Christian Massey, a beloved student with special needs, who in June graduated from Marple Newtown High School in Pennsylvania.

"There's so much love here you can look out here and see," said Roshon Massey, Christian's cousin, according to NBC Philadelphia. "Somebody had to kill him over nothing. This is crazy."

At 6-feet-2-inches tall and 300 pounds, Massey loved sports. He competed for his school's football and basketball team, and also managed the baseball team, according to the Philadelphia Daily News.

Massey was walking home on Saturday afternoon when his assailant demanded the brand new headphones, which Massey had purchased on Black Friday.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer:

When Massey refused to hand them over, his assailant shot him in an alley off Lebanon Avenue. He was conscious when police found him - and was able to tell officers about the attempted robbery. But he died a half-hour later at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, police said.

Police say the suspect fired five shots after Massey tried to run, according to CBS News.

The suspect ran off, without the headphones, and remains wanted by authorities.

He was a well-liked young man,” said Thelma Hodge, Massey’s aunt, according to the Delaware County Daily Times. “He was into electronics. He could fix just about anything. He wouldn’t have hurt a fly.”



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