Christian Radio Host: Deal With Homosexuality Like We Deal With Drug Abuse

Christian Radio Host: Deal With Homsexuality Like We Deal With Drug Abuse

Bryan Fischer, radio host for the American Family Association and no stranger to controversy, called into Alan Colmes's radio program on Wednesday night to clarify, or perhaps sidestep, his position on "homosexual behavior."

In his talk with Colmes, Fischer doubled down on the rhetoric that he had used earlier on his blog.

"We should deal with the issue of homosexual behavior in exactly the same way we deal with intravenous drug abuse, because both are equally dangerous and risky to human health." Fischer told Colmes.

When Colmes pressed Fischer to say whether this meant gays should be imprisoned for "homosexual behavior," Fischer waffled (or, as Colmes put it, he "weaseled" out of the question).

"I'll let you make the call," Fischer said to Colmes.

On his blog, Fischer writes that gays should be subject to the same legal sanctions as intravenous drug abusers because, he argues, the public health concerns are one in the same.

"If you believe that what drug abusers need is to go into an effective detox program, then we should likewise put active homosexuals through an effective reparative therapy program," Fischer wrote in an earlier blog post.

Right Wing Watch, a media watchdog group, has been keeping tabs on Fischer's material and was quick to jump on his logical leap concerning the identical classification between drug addicts and gays. As they have put it, Fischer appears to deduce:

Intravenous drug use can spread HIV;

Gay male sex can spread HIV;

Intravenous drug use is illegal;

Therefore gay male sex should be illegal.

In a blog post from Thursday, Fischer argues that "controversies" such as "gays in the military," "gay marriage," "gay indoctrination in the schools," "hate crimes laws" and "special rights for homosexuals in the workplace," could all be avoided if the states again found sodomy, and therefore sex between men, illegal. (Apparently, Fischer isn't worried about lesbians).

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