'Walking Dead' Actress Slams Breastfeeding Shamers On Instagram

Christian Serratos is not accepting any criticism for feeding her baby.

Christian Serratos has no time for breastfeeding shamers.

On Thursday, the “Walking Dead” actress posted a photo of herself breastfeeding her newborn on Instagram ― along with a pretty pointed caption.

“This is my body and my page. So I will post what I want, when I want. Those who disapprove can suck my left tit,” she wrote, adding the hashtags #workingmom and #chill.

Serratos’ Instagram post was a follow-up to another breastfeeding photo she shared on Wednesday.

While the first breastfeeding photo received many positive responses, some commenters turned negative.

“Yikes!” wrote one. “What a ridiculous post ... Some things are better left private,” added another.

Serratos and her partner, David Boyd, announced the birth of their first child on Mother’s Day.

Based on her response to breastfeeding shamers, it’s clear the actress is not going to let negative criticism get in the way of her parenting.

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