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Christian Siriano No Reality Diva, Says Boyfriend Brad Walsh

Christian Siriano became a household name as the flamboyantly adorable and outspoken winner of "Project Runway" Season Four.

As a reality TV star, he had it all: the quirky hair 'do, the outrageous catchphrases ("hot tranny mess," anyone?) and a likable personality to boot (OK, maybe that's not typical of a reality TV star).

So Siriano has had to fight the TV stereotype: that he's in it for the fame, for the endorsement deals, for the notoriety. After showing collection after collection and after dressing celebs on the red carpet, the 25-year-old designer has still had to battle the criticism -- as he once told The Huffington Post, "reality TV is awful."

So his boyfriend of four years, Brad Walsh, took to the Interwebs to defend Siriano and his intentions.

Christian, who just this month alone has clothes in print on Sarah Jessica Parker, Taylor Swift, Krysten Ritter, Heidi Klum, and Lily Collins; as well as major stars wearing gowns to the Emmys this weekend and models wearing his designs in several September issue editorials; consistently receives dismissive reviews from a small, specific set of (rightly) respected publications that harp on “reality TV.” So here’s what I have to say to them:

Get over it.

Walsh targets one unnamed critic in particular, who once wrote that Siriano needed to "shake off his reality-show roots," referred to him as "the hot tranny mess reality guy" and generally describes his clothes as "silly."

Oh, and that catchphrase? Also an unfair depiction. Walsh writes:

Impersonating Christian on Saturday Night Live in 2008, Amy Poehler said the word “fierce” more times in a four-minute sketch than Christian did throughout the entire season of Project Runway, and so the caricature was cemented and people recall a much more flamboyant and ridiculous Christian than exists in reality today.

Walsh added, "Though truly, I haven’t heard Christian say that word since 2008."

We wonder if Walsh was compelled to write the lengthy piece because the unnamed reporter's most recent review of Siriano's Spring 2012 collection, which just walked the runways on Saturday. In her review of the collection, the reporter wrote:

Getting the respect that Siriano wants will require more than heeding a cool stylist. But you have to ask the question: Does he need it? In fashion's new landscape, editors and designers are scrambling for the reality-TV stardom that Siriano already has in spades. Perhaps all he needs is a change of perspective.

Fine, so it looks like Siriano isn't going to win with this reporter.

Which sounds good enough to us.