Christian Slater Talks Addiction, Jail In 'Details' Magazine

Christian Slater Talks Drugs, Jail, Lindsay Lohan

Afraid of one day going to jail? No worries! Christian Slater says it ain't that bad.

Slater, the star of films such as "Heathers," "True Romance," and "Interview with the Vampire," has been around show business since he was seven years old. But it's been the last half decade that has truly been a rebirth for him -- Slater, a former bad boy, has been sober for five years.

He sat down with Details Magazine to talk about a number of things, including his new show, "Breaking In," but perhaps most striking is his ease with his past.

"Look, I could spend a lot of time kicking the s**t out of myself for the choices I made," Slater says. "I was dealing with alcoholism and addiction, and there was a lot to take on without much life experience. Addiction is not pretty, and you don't fully understand it unless you're dealing with it head-on.

"That's why when I see other kids struggling, I will sometimes reach out to them--a call or an e-mail."

Included in that group of kids? Lindsay Lohan, who, having just gotten out of another rehab stint, is in the middle of dealing with jewelry theft allegations. His help is paying it forward, he intimates.

"I appreciated the people who reached out to me. It's a brutal position to be in. You feel alone and confused over where your life went and how you got yourself in this situation."

Lohan faces prison time for the alleged theft. Slater spent 59 days in prison in 1998 after being convicted of assaulting his girlfriend and a police officer while inebriated. To him, the prison stint wasn't the worst thing in the world.

"Honestly, [it was] not so bad. Jail was a result of me not taking time for myself," Slater reflects. "So I was forced to take some time for myself. It was necessary for me. When you're going down that path, you either kill yourself or you're forced to take time out."

Slater talks about much more, including his relationship with Winona Rider and his friendship with River Phoenix -- click over to Details to read the rest.

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