Christian Tagliavini's "Jeu de Cartes"

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With a penchant for the whirls of fortune and a clin d'oeil to the relativity of vision, the Swiss-Italian artist Christian Tagliavini issues his very own "Cartes."

The title means "playing cards," but cards, markings and figures do keep their names and mystery in Italian. You will meet characters clad in imaginary, timeless, paper and textile costumes with selected accents of color, making an original and voluptuous code of décor. Their bodies are real, while their gestures surrender, threaten, implore, betray, poison, seduce or irresistibly elude the viewer.

All the characters live in a visible but not tangible territory between bi and try-dimensional, totally created, materially hand-crafted and immortalized by the artist with the final photographic "click". We could say that Tagliavini once again explored the paradoxical limits of flat and thick to invent something like flathickness.

Christian Tagliavini lives and works in Lugano, Switzerland, and is now solely devoted to art photography.

Inventing flathickness
Images courtesy and copyright © Christian Tagliavini

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