The Photograph That Can Make You Feel More Alive


Dr. Christiane Northrup, a bestselling author and pioneer in the field of women’s health and wellness, believes we all have the ability reverse the clock and live agelessly. While your chronological age is what's written on your driver's license, your biological age, she says, is what we make it. In her latest book, Goddesses Never Age, she discusses how our spiritual health has a direct impact on our physical well-being and why finding joy is the key to growing older well.

In the above "Super Soul Sunday" video, she shares a simple exercise from Dr. Mario Martinez, author of The Mind-Body Code, that she says can make anyone feel ageless.

Start by finding a picture of yourself from a time when you were truly happy, she says. It could be from when you were age 7 or 27 -- whatever time in your life when you felt the most vibrant and alive.

Carry the picture around with you and look at it three or four times a day. "I put mine on my iPhone," Northrup says.

When you look at the photo, Northrup says to remember how great you felt in that moment. "And then you live as though that is now," she says. "And that will begin to change your biology."

Northrup stresses that this exercise is not about reminiscing, but about bringing that happy feeling into the present moment. "This is now, and that will change your biology because belief is transduced into the biology through the cell membrane," she says.

"You become what you believe," Oprah agrees.

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