Christiane Northrup On Why We Need To Change The Way We Celebrate Birthdays

For years, Dr. Christiane Northrup was the go-to source for women's health and wellness on "The Oprah Winfrey Show," helping to foster a conversation on everything from kegel exercises to menopause. A board-certified OB/GYN and passionate believer in the spiritual side of healing, Northrup feels that age is just a number and growing older should be an entirely different experience for women than it is today. In the above clip from her upcoming "Super Soul Sunday" interview with Oprah, she explains why changing the way we look at birthdays is the first step to living agelessly.

"I would stop celebrating milestone birthdays," Northrup says. "Because the milestone becomes a millstone. In our culture, it says you're running out of time. You only have so much left."

She's not saying to give up the party -- in fact, Northrup loves to celebrate. "I like a whole birthday season," she says.

It's the emphasis on our age, she explains, that needs to go. "See, just getting older is not enough to celebrate," she says. "'Well, I'm still here.' That's not worth much."

Instead, Northrup believes a birthday should be about recognizing your triumphs. "You celebrate everything that you've accomplished or that you're proud of in the past year so that you have really a celebration of your worth and your increased competence," she says. "That's a cool thing."

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