Christie Black Steals $5,000 From Boyfriend Bobby Gulley, Hides It In Her Butt: Cops

Money can be a real pain in the butt.

Christie Black, 43, is accused of stealing $5,000 from her boyfriend, then hiding the cold, hard cash inside her rectum, WBIR reports.

The boyfriend, 46-year-old Bobby Gulley, told cops he suspected Black had been stealing from him, so on Aug. 26, he "set a trap" to find out if he was right, according to the Times News. The "trap" consisted of two envelopes -- one containing $4,000 and one containing $1,000, both in hundred-dollar bills -- in a bag that he then placed on a foosball table in the couple's Bulls Gap, Tenn. home.

He went to bed, and when he got up at around 1 a.m., he found that the cash was missing from the bag, according to a Hawkins County Sheriff's report obtained by The Smoking Gun. When he confronted Black about it, he said she "became sick and threw up a saran wrapped baggy of partially dissolved pills," the report states.

The impromptu vomiting didn't throw Gulley off the scent, though. He continued to question Black about the missing cash until, the report states, "she admitted to him that she had wrapped it up and stuck it in her rectum."

Gulley says she then tried to get the cash out "with a toilet brush and tongs," but to no avail. "Bleeding severely," she was taken to a local hospital "the wad of money was removed and collected as evidence," according to the report.

Black was charged with theft.



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