9 Lessons We've Learned From Christie Brinkley On Aging Gracefully

9 Lessons We've Learned From Christie Brinkley On Aging Gracefully

Christie Brinkley turns 60 today. Let that marinate in your brain for a minute...

The stunning supermodel doesn't just look good for her age, she looks good for any age. Those fabulous blonde waves, famous seductive poses and, of course, that mega-watt smile are just a few of the reasons why she is still on top of her game.

With over 40 years in the fashion business, Brinkley has definitely discovered the secret to living a beautiful and healthy lifestyle. And we want to know them!

So in celebration of Christie Brinkley's 60th birthday, we've compiled a list of lessons we've picked up from the model to help us age gracefully.

1. She understands the healing power of a smile. "The mere act of putting your lips in that position tells your body to release chemicals that instantly make you feel better," Brinkley told Prevention magazine.

2. She knows that the best anti-aging secret is... hair extensions. "I think of it as a choice. Do I want to put in the time or do I just want to put in the hair? Literally, it's just click, click, click," Brinkley revealed to HuffPost Style.

3. She doesn't believe in crash diets or bogus eating habits. (Amen!) Brinkley explained to Prevention, "Go ahead and have the Kit Kat at the movies. If you don't satisfy an urge sometimes, you often substitute less-satisfying things and end up eating more."

4. She still models with her daughter Sailor Brinkley-Cook.

christie sailor

5. She doesn't take things too seriously. #Selfie

6. She isn't afraid to slip into a bathing suit or bikini.

christie brinkley people cover

7. She keeps life interesting by dating younger men. "[With] men my age I feel quite invisible to them," Brinkley told Entertainment Tonight's Nancy O'Dell. "I think a ten year span is fine."

8. She makes giving back through philanthropy a family affair. Now that's gorgeous! Brinkley said in an interview with Hamptons magazine, "I really believe in the power of the individual to make change, and our family is a real collection of individuals."

9. She blocks out all the negativity from the Internet. "We do not go into the Blogosphere," the model told us in an interview. "We just don’t because I got a heavy dose of that after my last divorce, and it was my introduction to the whole computer world... I was quite shocked that such an ugly place exists in the world. So now we all have a family pact. We just do no go pass the end of the article. Period."

They don't call her a supermodel for nothing!


Christie Brinkley's Style Evolution

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