Christie Brinkley Divorce: Peter Cook Says Ex Is Trying To 'Publicly Castrate' Him

Though Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook divorced four years ago, their acrimonious custody battle just won't end.

On Wednesday's "Nightline," Cook sits down with ABC News' Elizabeth Vargas to counter Brinkley's claims that he owes her child support and has sent her bullying emails -- and to accuse the former supermodel of trying to "publicly castrate" him to drum up publicity.

"I'm not here to attack Christie Brinkley, but to defend myself, because to be called a dead beat dad -- to me -- is such a horrible, spiteful, vengeful thing to say, despite the fact that its not true," Cook said in the interview, previewed on "Good Morning America" Wednesday morning.

Their latest public court skirmish began in November 2011, when 58-year-old Brinkley filed a motion seeking fines for Cook's "inflammatory communications," including bullying her via email. On February 24, Cook fired back by filing a cross motion accusing Brinkley -- who he called a "narcissistic egomaniac" -- of publicly smearing him in attempt to garner publicity for herself. In addition to reiterating that claim in the "Nightline" interview, he blasted Brinkley in the comments section of a New York Daily News' article on Monday, where he wrote, "Brinkley initiated the current court action, and timed it to generate publicity for herself to promote [her role in the musical] 'Chicago.'"

Brinkley has also accused Cook of failing to pay $32,000 in child support for school and summer camp fees. Cook, however, takes issue with her claims. "She filed a claim that I wasn't paying child support when she took off to do broadway last year, from March to July, but she put the children in my full time care," he told Vargas.

The former couple split in July 2006 after 10 years of marriage. Their tumultuous divorce -- which Brinkley fought to keep open to the public -- became a media frenzy centered around Cook's reported porn addiction and affair with then 18-year-old Diana Bianchi.

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