Christie Brinkley Slams Wendy Williams For 'DWTS' Theory: 'Be Kind. Try It.'

The model told "The Talk" that she thought her friend's comments were a "mistake."

Christie Brinkley has pushed back on Wendy Williams’ theory about the injury that led to the model withdrawing from this season of “Dancing With the Stars.”

On Thursday, Brinkley told CBS’ show “The Talk” that she was floored by Williams’ claims that she faked a wrist and shoulder injury so that her daughter, Sailor Brinkley-Cook, could take her place on the hit show.

“Wendy Williams started this rumor, which was stunning to me because I’ve been on Wendy’s show a couple of times,” said Brinkley, who went on to explain her friendship with the talk show host.

“For some reason she liked me, and she would call on me to support her in tough times,” she said. “So, I got a call one day that she was having a terrible bout of stage fright, and she was about to drop out of ‘Chicago The Musical,’ and would I come over and talk to her. And I was like, ‘You will never meet a more supportive and loving cast. You will love this experience and you will regret it if you don’t do it.’ ... I was there for her.”

After Williams broke up with husband Kevin Hunter earlier this year, Brinkley said she was “there for her.” The model has been divorced several times so she cheekily admitted that she’s “kind of an expert” on the subject and said of her support for Williams: “I came again and I was like, ‘I’m going to help you with the lawyers.’”

Brinkley then said that she initially didn’t believe that Williams had made the allegation; “I thought it was a mistake,” she said. “The Talk” host Sharon Osbourne showed the audience Brinkley’s X-rays and the model lifted her arm to show her bruising. Brinkley continued by saying her “message to Wendy is, it’s so much more fun to be kind.”

“Try it. It can’t feel good to try to hurt other people. If it feels good, something’s seriously wrong,” she said. “We all need to love more.”

While Williams told viewers of her show that Brinkley’s injury “looked fake as hell,” she apologized to her friend on Tuesday’s broadcast — sort of. She added that her “opinion still stands.”