How Christie Brinkley Helped Iman And David Bowie Start A Family

"Iman always says, 'It took two blondes to get me pregnant -- David Bowie and Christie Brinkley."

Supermodel Christie Brinkley played a special role in helping Iman start a family with David Bowie 15 years ago, she told HuffPost Live on Thursday.

Brinkley, who stars in NYDJ's "Fit to Be" campaign, recounted the touching story that she shared on Instagram after Bowie's death. She told host Alyona Minkovski she was on a Vogue shoot with Iman when the Somali model asked her for a favor.

"She was having difficulty conceiving, and we were working together and I had just had my daughter, Sailor, and she said, 'In my country, if you hold another person's baby that will help you to have a baby of your own, so would you mind allowing me to hold your baby today?'" Brinkley recalled.   

Iman held onto Brinkley's daughter all day, and a few weeks later, she came back with good news.

"Just a couple weeks later she said, 'It worked,'" Brinkley smiled. "From then on she always gave me credit for that. So I always felt a special connection to the two of them and their family because of that."

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