Christie Brinkley's Advice To Young Women Everywhere Is Spot On

Brinkley offers up some tips to look and feel good.

At 62, Christie Brinkley is pretty much the poster child for aging gracefully. While she looks stunning as ever, there is one thing she wishes she'd done differently when she was younger.

Brinkley is the cover girl for AARP's latest Beauty and Style Issue and she opened up to the magazine about the advice she'd give her younger self.

"If I could say it in two words, 'relax and enjoy the ride,' that would be it," Brinkley said. "I think young women sometimes worry too much and should just accept themselves and their individuality."

Actress Sandra Bullock said she had a similar revelation around her 50th birthday, noting she "wasted so much time with worry" when she was younger. 

In addition to the above, Brinkley says there are three main ways women can live happier lives.

They should get involved with a cause they care about, exercise and smile. "Smiling is an immediate youth-booster for an inner -- and outer -- glow," she said. 

And for the older ladies -- Brinkley offers some wise words for you, too. The Timeless Beauty author says the most important thing older women can do is to focus on food. "Eat better to look and feel better," Brinkley said. 

A diet rich in walnuts, salmon, fruits, dark leafy greens and protein is essential to maintaining youthful skin and lush hair as you get older, she says. Also, don't skip the sunscreen. 

h/t AARP 



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