Christina Aguilera Slays Your Faves With Cover Of John Lennon's 'Mother'

That voice, though.

Christina Aguilera came out for the gays Tuesday night. 

At a celebration for Linda Perry's song "Hands of Love," from the movie "Freeheld," Xtina brought the house down with a performance of John Lennon's heartwrenching ballad "Mother."

Aguilera's soulful rendition shows the singer at her best -- commanding the stage with unparalleled vocal skills and showing off more runs than your most busted pair of stockings. (Watch her performance above.)

Perry also took to the stage to perform some Led Zeppelin. 

Perry's song, "Hands of Love," which she wrote in just 45 minutes, is performed by Miley Cyrus for the film starring Ellen Page and Julianne Moore. The track might be a contender in the race for Best Original Song come awards season. 

Unfortunately, Miley wasn't in attendance to perform it herself because of her stay in Australia, possibly with ex-fiancé Liam Hemsworth

"Miley wanted to be here but couldn't make it back from Australia in time, so she says hi," Perry told the crowd. 

"Freeheld" tells the story of police officer Laurel Hester and her partner Stacie Andre, who fight to ensure pension benefits for same-sex couples in the face of Hester's terminal lung cancer.

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