Christina Aguilera Fans Berate Her On Twitter For Promoting Other Artists' Music Instead of Her Own

Xtina, care to comment?

What a Christina Aguilera fan apparently wants is a new album.

The “What A Girl Wants” singer’s fans took to Twitter on Saturday crucifying her for promoting Voice winner Alisan Porter’s new single, but not communicating any details about her own upcoming project.

While some fans tweeted in support of Porter’s latest single “Deep Water,” Xtina found herself in deep water with her loyal listeners as their comments streamed in.

Christina has been hinting at new music to follow her 2012 release “Lotus” over the last year. While she reached the top of the Billboard Dance Charts with the Sia-penned disco tune for Netflix’s The Get Down, “Telepathy,” last year, her fans aren’t feeling the love.

Xtina, care to comment?

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