Carson Daly, Christina Aguilera: 'Vanity Fair' Reporter Asks 'The Voice' Host About Singer's Orgasms

Carson Daly and Christina Aguilera during 'Spankin' New Music Week' on TRL at the MTV studios in New York City.  11/4/02  Pho
Carson Daly and Christina Aguilera during 'Spankin' New Music Week' on TRL at the MTV studios in New York City. 11/4/02 Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images

Carson Daly and Christina Aguilera may be working together on NBC's "The Voice" now, but the two go way back to the days when Daly was the lone man between pop stars and their hoards of teenybopper fans on MTV's "Total Request Live." And Daly wasn't afraid to mix work and pleasure, he was linked to some of the hottest stars of the time, including Jennifer Love Hewitt, Tara Reid and Aguilera herself.

His personal knowledge of Aguilera was a focal point of a recent Vanity Fair interview, during which journalist George Wayne asked "The Voice" host his thoughts on Aguilera's orgasms:

G.W. Let’s cut to the chase: Do you think Christina Aguilera squirts when she has an orgasm?

C.D. Are you kidding me? Is that your opener? I have no idea. I can’t imagine the thought. I mean, really.

G.W. I mean, clearly—just look at the outfits she chooses to wear onstage. Tell that girl to put some clothes on! I believe that is a rational question to ask you. I know it is a bit off-piste.

C.D. Yes, it is. I will say she does have a lot of people on her team, a whole entourage to help her, and she knows what she is doing. Oh boy, I love you. You are the best. You are so great—just the best. Despite your asinine question about Christina, it is still a pleasure to be here with you.

Wayne's question did not garner much applause.

"Look, it's fine if your shtick is 'asking controversial questions,' but try to be funnier, maybe?" said Jezebel's Katie J.M. Baker.

Rachel McRady of WetPaint, who thought it was "one of the strangest questions" ever asked, said: "Personally, we find George’s comments to be completely unprofessional and offensive. We love Xtina’s wacky outfits and think he had no right to ask such a disturbing question."

Still, Daly got a good laugh out of it.

Aguilera and Daly were rumored to have dated in 2002. She was disgusted when rapper Eminem rapped about her in his 2000 song, "The Real Slim Shady," claiming that she gave oral sex to both the "TRL" VJ and Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst.

"It's disgusting, it's offensive and, above all, it's not true," an Aguilera rep told the New York Daily News at the time, according to People magazine.

Currently, Aguilera is dating producer/songwriter Matthew Rutler. Daly and his girlfriend Siri Pinter are expecting their second child in September.

(H/T Jezebel for the find.)



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