Once Again, Christina Aguilera Proves She's The Queen Of Musical Impressions

Bow down.

Christina Aguilera knows how to trust the voice within. 

The singer paid a visit to "Ellen" on Monday morning, where she played a game of Heads Up! with host Ellen DeGeneres. But the game had a twist -- instead of providing simple clues for DeGeneres, "The Voice" coach had to do vocal impressions of different singers as their names popped up on the iPad.

Naturally, Aguilera nailed every single one. From Whitney Houston to Katy Perry and Adele, see all her impressions in the video above. 

And for an extra fix of Xtina's musical prowess, let's look back at her killer impression of Britney Spears on "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon." 

Yeah, she's definitely the queen of musical impressions. 



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