Christina Aguilera Says She Didn't Try To Punch Pink, Actually Wanted To Kiss Her

But Pink didn't "wanna get dirty," according to the singer.

If you want to end a feud with Christina Aguilera, you got to rub her the right way, apparently.

When the pop music annals of the early aughts are written, historians will remember the singer’s longstanding feud with her slightly edgier contemporary, Pink. The two famously clashed while collaborating on their 2001 version of “Lady Marmalade” after Pink reportedly felt snubbed during the recording process. 

Pink confirmed in a 2017 interview that their beef was very much a thing back in the day, and that Aguilera once “swung on me in a club.” Years later, the singers buried the hatchet and have even reunited on a yet-to-be released track.

But now, Aguilera is disputing Pink’s account of their bad old days. 

“I seem to have a different memory of a night we had at a club where we played ‘Spin the Bottle.’ I have a love memory!” Aguilera insisted during an interview on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” Thursday. “Look at her, look at me. I wouldn’t swing on her. She could beat my ass. Are you kidding me? She could really beat my ass then!”

Aguilera went onto explain that Pink was actually the one to rebuff her attempt to quite literally kiss and make up. 

“I was excited about a kiss,” the pop star continued. “I was like, ‘Oh, kissin’ all’s good!’ She put her hand up like this and I was like, ‘Oh, that’s what we’re doing? Alright.’

“She don’t wanna get dirty,” Aguilera added, evoking a line from her 2002 hit “Dirrty.”

The “Burlesque” star also pulled back the curtain on the “Lady Marmalade” days, revealing that Pink resorted to heckling her during the music video shoot.

“I know the actual video, she intimidated me because she was heckling me in the audience behind the director. And I was like, ‘Oh, what’s going on?’” Aguilera explained. “But that’s what she did back then. She’s a different person now. She’s a mom, she’s cool.”

Pink’s beef with Aguilera supposedly began when a label executive representing Aguilera demanded that she perform a key section of “Lady Marmalade.” 

“He didn’t say hi to any of us and said, ‘What’s the high part? What’s the most singing part? Christina’s going to take that part,’” Pink recalled in her 2009 “Behind the Music” special. “I stood up, and I said, ‘Hi. How are you? So nice of you to introduce yourself. I’m Pink. She will not be taking that part. I think that’s what the fucking meeting’s about.’”

Aguilera and Pink are on much more solid ground these days, despite their conflicting recollections of the club night in question.

When asked who among her pop music competitors, including Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson, has the best vocals, Aguilera quickly selected her former feuding partner.

“Pink’s phenomenal,” she said. “She can flip in the air while doing it.”

Pink and Christina Aguilera pose together at the 2002 Grammy Awards. 
Pink and Christina Aguilera pose together at the 2002 Grammy Awards.