Christina Aguilera's 'Your Body' Video Includes More Hair Colors Than We Can Count (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

In August we got a sneak peek at just one of the outrageous outfits from Christina Aguilera's "Your Body" music video. Now the whole video is out and we can see just how wild her wardrobe and makeup team went. We've literally never seen so many hair colors on one person in such a short span of time.

The theme of the video is a tad confusing. From the lyrics, it's all about sex, sex and more sex ("All I want to do is love your body" is the refrain) yet from in the video, Christina spends more time killing her suitors (via baseball bat, car explosion or strange blue goo) than copulating.

But really the theme seems to be color, and lots of it: Christina has her hair styled in every kind of ombre we've ever seen, from a sleek blonde and pink wig (the one we previewed here) to curly ringlets dipped in purple, blue and pink; from a head of full-on lavender curls a la Nicki Minaj to lank, streaky braids that sent shivers down our spine with their resemblance to this tragedy.

Fingers crossed it was all clip-ins and Manic Panic?

Check out the video above and the fabulous screenshots we took, below.


christina aguilera

christina aguilera your body

christina aguilera your body

christina aguilera your body

christina aguilera your body

Relive Christina's best and worst style:

Christina Aguilera Style Evolution

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