Christina Applegate Talks Parenting Baby Girl, Sadie

The One Thing Christina Applegate NEVER Thought She'd Say

She used to always play the endearing bad girl, but now Christina Applegate has the parent role nailed, onscreen and off. Her "Up All Night" character, Reagan, is a cool, quirky working mom, and as Applegate told the LA Times, "It's the closest I've ever been to myself in a character -- the sense of humor, the baby love. It's there."

In fact, "both" of Applegate's babies just had first birthdays. Onscreen Amy had an absurdly lavish party, complete with a bouncy house, after pushover dad Chris (played by Will Arnett) agreed to celebrate with the couple's overbearing neighbors. As for Applegate's real-life daughter, Sadie? She had a smaller event held in her honor. "I only invited people with babies, so we've got about 10," the actress told Access Hollywood.

Here, she tells HuffPost Parents what she's learned since being a mom.

The best parenting advice I ever got ...
Schedule, schedule, schedule. Because of her schedule, Sadie has been sleeping twelve hours a night since she was 6 months old.

Favorite kid song ...

Favorite kid movie ...
Sadie's baby signs DVD

I get my kid to "go the f&@ to sleep" by ...
Singing to her while she has her bottle in the dark but only if she is really feisty

The thing I swore I'd never say to my kid, but do is ...
Don't pick Mama's nose.

The last lie I told my child was ...
Mama's water is all gone.

The word that best describes me as a mom is ...

The one word I wish described me as a mom is ...

Biggest splurge on a kid item ...
The carpet for her room, which eventually had to be torn out because it shed. Damn fancy carpet.

The title of my parenting memoir will be ...
"How Did I Ever Live Without You?"

What is a perfect day with your child?
Walking on the beach, showing her starfish and birds and listening to the ocean.

What is your perfect day without children?
There is no perfect day without children.

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