Mompreneurs: Filmmaker Preserves Milestone Moments For Families

Christina Fleming was practically born with a camera in her hand. She's been obsessed with video production since childhood and today runs her own lifestyle video production business called Murasaki Media.

She started working as a production assistant in high school and then in college worked at a CBS affiliate in Louisville, KY behind the camera on the set of the local TV news, NewsChannel 32 WLKY. When she finished her communications degree at the University of Louisville, she moved to San Diego in 2002 and worked in Human Resources utilizing her film/production knowledge when possible.

Christina got engaged in 2007 and dove into the online world of connecting with other local women who would soon be getting married:

Several of us met at restaurants and talked everything wedding. Over time, we became such good friends that when a guest would cancel last minute, we would be seat fillers at each others weddings. At one wedding, the brides father had suffered a stroke on the way to the airport in Thailand. Needless to say, the bride was devastated that he could not be there for her special day. As a surprise, I dusted off the video camera and filmed her wedding from my seat and table. She had a videographer, but I planned on putting something together the next day and uploading online so that her parents could see as soon as possible. She was blown away. She posted the link online and told other brides about me. Soon other brides on the forum wanted me to do their video too. At first it was just one here and there, but before I knew it, I was getting so many inquires I had to make it into a business.

In 2009 she officially launched Murasaki Media.

This was the beginning of Christina's entrepreneurial journey that would mirror her own stages of life. In 2011 Christina had her second child, 14 years after her first. Looking back, Christina wishes she had captured her own special memories of being pregnant and dreaming about the life of her child to be.

As she became pregnant this second time around, she wanted to help other moms through producing special keepsake videos that she calls Baby Wish Maternity and Baby Videos. "Time passes and you think you will remember all those feelings you had when you were pregnant or when the baby is so young. But they are distant memories and I wish I had captured them when they were fresh thoughts. I am pioneering these films as the latest trend in preserving family legacy. I strongly believe in maternity and baby videos and it is a great stepping stone to future parts of my business."

With Christina's personal experience she has her finger on the pulse of exactly what her clients are looking for. "My life stage experiences allow me to directly relate to my clients. I can understand what they may be going through or I can direct my business to their needs. I've been there and they can, in turn, trust me and my services. The ultimate way to know and understand your clients is to have had similar experiences. They appreciate that knowledge and want that personal touch."

Christina Fleming's Advice for Mompreneurs:

  • Think BIG - I am constantly reinventing my vision and looking at what I do from different angles. How can I do things better? What hasn't been thought of yet? What services will my clients love? I believe big ideas breed success and when we reach those goals you have personal fulfillment. Develop your big ideas and reach them with smaller calculated steps.
  • Collaboration and Networking - Take the time to branch out and meet others in similar and different industries. Collaborate with those individuals and create things together. Without collaboration, my business would not be what it is today. Remember to give credit where it is due and to acknowledge others hard work. It is a fundamental business practice and essential for what I do.
  • Omit the Negative - There is no time to allow the negative to take over your business flow. Whether it is a negative person, a comment, or your own personal thoughts, turn it around quickly and move on. Learning to omit negativity is empowering.

Christina is grateful that "Sharing life experiences with my clients is beyond meaningful. I get intimate glances into their deepest thoughts, fears and dreams. Then I turn it into a video keepsake which will be passed on from generations to generations. I would have died to see my grandparents say their vows to one another or to see my mother walk down the aisle with her father. After I finish a film and I click the send button on the email that directs them to view it, my heart flutters waiting for their response. I know I've created something incredibly important and they have trusted me to do so and the anticipation for them to see it excites me. The thank you my clients send me back is what keeps me doing meaningful work."

Decades from now, many kids will also be grateful for Christina's work!