Christina Hendricks Reveals Picture Of Her 'Misfit' High School Look (VIDEO)

We're really fascinated by Christina Hendricks' looks before she became the redheaded bombshell we know her as today. We've all heard she used to model, but did you know she also went goth, '90s-style, in high school?

The actress told Ellen DeGeneres on Thursday, "If I went to my high school reunion, no one would even recognize me...I was a bit of a misfit," revealing a black bob hairstyle and a black leather ensemble. Hendricks remarked, "What you can't see [about my hair] is that it's shaved up the back there." She explained, "I had just moved from Idaho and I was very naive and all of the girls were so sophisticated and carrying purses. I was like...'I still got my backpack,'" adding, "I was intimidated and tried to set myself apart, and that resulted in multicolor hair."