Christina Salinas Allegedly Bit Husband's Penis After He Made Her Leave Rodeo Early: Report

It may not have been California resident Anthony Hill's first time at the rodeo, but it's likely to have been his last, at least for a while.

That's because he says his wife, Christina Salinas, bit his penis during an argument that started when he wanted to leave a rodeo early and Salinas wanted to stay, CBS Sacramento reports.

The two had been drinking, and when they got home, the argument escalated, Hill told CBS.

When Hill tried to make a getaway with Salinas's four kids, she attacked him, he told the local news station. At that point, Hill and Salinas's ex-husband, who has been living with the couple, tried to restrain her. During the scuffle, she bite Hill on the hand and in a more tender region.

Hill is now recovering at home -- and merely regrets having called the police about the incident.

The last several months have brought to light a number of cases in which interpersonal conflicts have gotten very personal.

In April, Catherine Kieu was convicted of drugging her estranged husband, cutting off his baby-maker and throwing it in the garbage disposal, according to The Associated Press. Frank Bittar, Kieu's public defender, argued during the trial that Kieu's husband had verbally and sexually abused her during their marriage.

In a separate case, a woman in California was ordered to stand trial for spousal abuse and assault with a deadly weapon after she allegedly tried to cut off her husband's manhood with a pair of scissors. The woman, Virginia Valdez, has pleaded not guilty the charges.

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