Christina-Taylor Green, 9-Year-Old Killed In Tucson Shooting, Lives On Through Her Foundation

Christina-Taylor Green was memorialized on the one-year anniversary of the Tucson, Ariz., shooting as a young girl with big plans to change the world. Though the 9-year-old's life was tragically cut too short, her parents are making sure that her humanitarian spirit lives on.

Christina was one of six people killed in a mass shooting last year, targeted at U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, at a Tucson Safeway event. Having recently been elected to the student council at Mesa Verde Elementary School, Christina wanted to meet Giffords to ask about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and what life is like as a political leader, according to her foundation's website.

"She wasn't afraid of boys or sports or anything," Serenity Hammrich, Christina's best friend, said at the memorial service on Sunday at the University of Arizona, according to the Associated Press. "When she made student council, I was so happy for her. She believed it was important to help others to try to make a difference in the school and to put others first."

The smiley grade-schooler had big dreams beyond her academic accomplishments. She wanted to dance with Beyonce, be the first woman to play in Major League Baseball and eventually, become the president of the United States, the Associated Press reports.

Though Christina didn't survive, her parents are determined to make sure her wishes do, through the Christina-Taylor Green Memorial Foundation. The nonprofit supports education, arts and athletic programs.

"Those were her three loves," Christina's mother, Roxanna, told KOLD.

So far, contributions to the foundation have led to building a new playground for Christina's school, donating classroom supplies, and starting a scholarship fund. In total, it has given about $110,000 to schools, and Christina's parents hope to build a sports facility soon.

"We want to make sure her dreams come true," John Green, Christina's father, told the news outlet. "Through the foundation, we're going to make it happen as much as we can."

Learn more about the Christina-Taylor Green foundation, here.