Christine O'Donnell: 'I'm Not Going To Do Any More National Media' (VIDEO)

Tea Party-backed candidate Christine O'Donnell -- the come-from-nowhere winner of Delaware's Republican Senate primary -- said on Tuesday night that she's done conducting interviews about her campaign with national news outlets.

O'Donnell made light of her newly-devised media strategy during an appearance on Fox News.

"It's off the table because that's not going to help me get votes," explained the Senate hopeful to FNC host Sean Hannity. "I instead want to go to as many town hall forums, as many candidate forums, as many church picnics that I can fit into my schedule, so that I can meet the voters."

Following the remarks, the following exchange went down:

HANNITY: So you are going to forget the taunting, if you will, of the national media?


HANNITY: It seems Rand Paul went through the same thing.

HANNITY: He started to do a lot of the national media. And then he said, you know, what, I'm sticking with Kentucky. So you're saying no to the national media now?

O'DONNELL: I'm not going to do any more national media because that -- this is my focus. Delaware is my focus and the local media is my focus.

The comments come on the heels of O'Donnell canceling scheduled appearances on CBS' "Face the Nation" and "Fox News Sunday" last weekend.