Christine O'Donnell In 2008 Called Obama 'Anti-American'

Christine O'Donnell's unexpected win in last night's Delaware GOP primary has sparked a predictable but entertaining round of research into her past controversial remarks and positions.

There is, after all, a treasure trove of clips, owing to O'Donnell's frequent appearances on the cable news circuit as a Republican pundit. Among the more colorful segments unearthed is an appearance she did on Fox News during the 2008 presidential campaign, in which she accused then candidate Barack Obama of being anti-American; not because of theories that he was not a natural-born citizen or sympathized with the Muslim world, but because he refused to insist that English be deemed the official language of the United States.

Here is the clip -- via Political Correction -- with the transcript pasted below:

MacCALLUM: Now, I would point out you didn't see a whole lot of editorial pages -- conservative editorial pages -- really paying too much attention to Barack Obama until recently. So let me get Christine O'Donnell's thoughts on this. Who do Republicans want to run against? Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton?

O'DONNELL: I would prefer Barack Obama because he is so liberal, that -- he's anti-American. Let me tell you a couple of --

FLEMING: Anti-American?

O'DONNELL: Let me explain why. He's beating the change drum, but let's look at the change. He did not vote for English as the official language. What does that say? Then you hear them say, "I'm for" --

FLEMING: What are you talking about? Are you talking about the immigration debate? Because --

O'DONNELL: No, I'm --

FLEMING: -- if you're talking about that, there was a lot in there.

O'DONNELL: His voting record. His voting record. And then they sit there and say, "Oh, but I'm for English as the national language," because there's a legal difference. And the difference is English as the official language would, you know, not allow bilingual ballots and --

MacCALLUM: All right, well, back to my question. Just in terms of, you know, who they can beat, you think Obama is easier to beat.

O'DONNELL: Absolutely.

MacCALLUM: Jane, who do you think?

FLEMING: There's no way that they can beat Obama, and there's -- it's a rare chance that you guys are going to beat Clinton as well. All the national polls say we beat you guys. Democrats are fired up. We outperformed you guys 2-to-1 in Iowa, we're going to outperform you in New Hampshire. Democrats are going to win this. I don't care if it's Edwards, Obama, or Clinton.