Drunk Lady Rode Stolen Horse To Rob Alabama Store, Police Say

Drunk Lady Rode Stolen Horse To Rob Store, Police Say

So much for a trusty steed.

An Alabama woman was arrested on Friday after police say she drunkenly stole a horse and rode it to a store to steal some merchandise.

Christine Saunders, 45, was initially only hit with alcohol-related charges, but police say more charges could be on the way, according to AL.com.

Authorities responded after receiving a call about an intoxicated woman causing a disturbance at a store in DeKalb County on Saturday evening.

According to Sheriff Jimmy Harris, Saunders had a horse tied up outside of the store that she was believed to be riding. Officers recovered three cans of Keystone Light in a Walmart bag that was tied to the saddle horn.

The horse was returned to its owner, who did not press charges.

Saunders was charged with public intoxication and illegal possession of a prohibited beverage.

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