Christine Wormuth Becomes First Female Army Secretary

Wormuth was nominated by President Joe Biden in April and is the first woman to hold the Army’s top civilian post.

Christine Wormuth made history Thursday morning when the Senate confirmed her as the nation’s first female Army secretary.

Wormuth was approved by unanimous consent in the Senate for her new role, which is the Army’s top civilian post. Though she was meant to be confirmed Wednesday night, a “procedural hiccup” paused her confirmation, according to Roll Call reporter Andrew Clevenger. She was confirmed the following morning.

In her new role, Wormuth will oversee the Army’s policies, programs and budgets to be presented to the secretary of defense.

Wormuth previously led Biden’s transition team at the Defense Department, and had bipartisan support among Republicans and Democrats to take over her new post, according to Politico.

“Serving in this role is a tremendous privilege and responsibility!” she wrote on Twitter.

Wormuth was also previously the director of the International Security and Defense Policy Center at Rand, a federally funded think tank.