TV Ad Featuring Trans Teen Shows The True Spirit Of Christmas

This commercial from a European electronics retailer offers a powerful message.

The spirit of giving never seemed so inclusive.

A heartwarming new Christmas ad for the Scandinavian electronics retailer Elgiganten emphasizes that the season’s message of love and goodwill applies to transgender people as much as it does everyone else.

The ad shows a trans teen at a family gathering obviously feeling awkward. Her father looks uncomfortable as well, but comes over with a beautifully wrapped gift.

The two clearly love each other, but neither is sure how the other one feels.

The teen opens the present and smiles when she realizes her dad has given her a hair straightener ― a gesture that demonstrates his acceptance of her as she is.

The Danish-language version of the ad, seen above, ends with a slogan that translates as “Let the gifts talk.”

The commercial is getting raves from people who’ve seen it.

HelloGiggles blogger Alim Kheraj says that what makes the ad so great is how real it is.

“Not only does it showcase how difficult it can be for some people during the holiday season,” Kheraj wrote on Thursday, “but it’s a realistic portrayal of how families deal with transitions in their lives, whatever they may be.”

One YouTube commenter, writing in response to a Norwegian-language version of the ad, was more succinct: “What? An ad that is actually good and a genuine message? Applause.”

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