Hail Mary! Broncos Fan Sacked By Security Guard On Christmas

“Merry Christmas, my friend!”

The Denver Broncos got a big lump of coal on Christmas Day when the Kansas City Chiefs gave ‘em a good ol’ fashioned American drubbing ― they lost 33-10, and even my mom was embarrassed for them. But it was a Broncos fan who suffered the worst sack of the game.

With a few seconds left in the third quarter on Sunday, a Kansas City security guard deployed a diving, crushing tackle on the fan as he ran across the field.

During the national broadcast of the game, Westwood One radio’s Kevin Harlan celebrated the sack with a hilarious play-by-play (watch and listen here).

“Merry Christmas, my friend!” Harlan exclaimed, after predicting that the downed fan would spend the night in jail.

Luckily, there are a lot more recordings of Harlan calling play-by-plays when fans take the field. Take the Jets game earlier this month:

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