Christmas Day for Armenians

Christmas Day for Armenians
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Armenians celebrate Christmas Day and a major feast in the Armenian Church today, January 6, 2018. This was the original date for the celebration of the birth of Jesus until the 4th Century when it was changed to December 25th by the Roman Catholic Church. The ceremony conducted this day called “Blessing of Water” commemorates the Baptism of Christ. Vicar General Very Rev. Father Torkom Donoyan affiliated with the Western Prelacy of the Armenian Apostolic Church of America performed the “Blessing of the Water” ceremony also at the Glendale Memorial Hospital and Health Center in Glendale, CA. to celebrate Christmas Eve on January 5th. As a tradition a newborn baby was chosen to be blessed in the hospital on Christmas Eve.

Others attending the “Blessing of the Water” ceremony on Christmas Eve included Mayor of Glendale Vartan Garabetian, Chief Gregory Fish, Glendale Fire Department Chief and Mary Hovagimian representative from the Office of Congressman Adam Schiff’s.

Father Torkom Donoyan conducts "Blessing of the Water" photo by Catherine Bauknight

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