You REALLY Need To Toss These 6 Christmas Decorations. It's Time.

You can do it!

Thanksgiving has come and gone, Christmas is no longer and the ball has officially dropped to welcome 2016. It's time to finally take down those holiday decorations. You now have no more excuses to leave them up.

Instead of mindlessly stuffing everything back into a box that'll sit in the attic another year, take a second to think about what you can afford to pitch.

Below, you'll find 6 items you most definitely need to toss in 2016. It'll be hard at first, but think of how free you'll feel next Christmas when you start with a clean slate.

To get you even more motivated, Justin Dipiero, Top In-House Designer at Homepolish, weighs in on what to keep in mind when making room for new decor.

Broken Christmas Lights
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With all of the wonderful Christmas lights innovations over the past decade, there's no excuse to settle for broken, non-LED lights. They're just wasting your time and space. Do yourself a favor and pitch that tangly mess.
The Fake Christmas Tree That's Barely Hanging On
Jeffrey Coolidge
Dipiero's motto is: "When in doubt, throw it out." So that faux-Christmas tree that can't stand upright for more than 2 hours, or has been targeted by the cat one too many times, needs to go. After throwing it out, Dipiero suggests considerin an investment piece that will offer more bang for your buck.

"Much like your wardrobe, your holiday decor should have certain staples that you can keep for years and years," he says. "These are things that you'll use over and over and will never get tired of."

In other words, say bye bye to that flimsy tree you got for next to nothing.
The Nondescript Stocking
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We all have those stockings that don't match the rest, or have gotten a little ratty over the years. Throw them out to make room for a set that will tie your holiday decor together. When searching for new ones, Dipiero notes to focus on buying neutrals that will build a "color story."

"With a base of neutrals, you have the ability to layer on colors in any amount that your little heart desires! Keep in mind your existing decor and build from there," he says.
Christmas Tree Ornaments You Made Using Fruit, Dough And Other Perishables
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Dipiero is a huge fan of using fresh fruit as decor. "Nothing looks more beautiful that evergreens accented with bright citrus," he says. But when taking down all your decorations, you have to remember where you use perishables as accents. One word: bugs.

Pack perishables away and you're sure to attract unwanted attention from creepy-crawlers. Toss any handmade ornaments, garland or other decorations involving edible ingredients.
The Creepy Elf On The Shelf
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Sorry, Elf on the Shelf, but we find your chipper expression a little disturbing. Dipiero emphasizes that pieces like these don't have to be salvaged for the sake of nostalgia. "If you haven't used it in a few years and it's been taking up space in a closet or under the bed, or if you're just not feeling it anymore... it's time to let it go," he adds.
Weird Ornaments That Have Lurked At The Bottom Of The Decor Box For Years
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You have every right to pitch that ornament your ex-mother-in-law gave you as a gift five years ago. Especially if the ornament is clearly out of line with your style or half-broken. Next year, look for ornaments that have a more baseline appeal. Dipiero stresses the importance of looking for basics when investing in new stuff.

"You can never go wrong with neutrals!," he stresses. "Much like the decor in your home, neutrals can help make your room feel less cluttered. The calming colors will never go out of style and will go with any chosen decor."

Don't worry, this doesn't mean you have to settle for a boring color scheme. You can still have fun with shimmery hues. "The neutrals of holiday decor are metallics," he notes. "Silvers and golds (and sometimes coppers) are all you really need to help make things feel festive. They add the perfect amount of sparkle."
But just to be clear, you SHOULD keep the sentimental stuff.
Artsiom Kireyau via Getty Images
While we do think everyone could benefit from a little new-year cleaning, we also recognize the sentimental value of Christmas decor. Holiday decorations are something you should have fun with, which means you shouldn't feel pressured to give up something you love even though it might not be the most attractive thing in the world.

Dipiero agrees. "If something makes you feel good, or holds an important meaning to you, keep it and incorporate that into your designs," he says.

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