Christmas Dinner Around The World

In some countries, they're eating aspic.

Between the Christmas hams and boozy punches, the holidays are all about feasting. And feast we certainly do, all over the world. While we know what we're eating for our Christmas dinner, we wondered what the holiday table looked like around the world.

The infographic below shows what dinner looks like in 24 different countries. And we were surprised by more than a couple of them:

  • The UK eats just like us (or us like them) with mashed potatoes, gravy and stuffing.
  • Eleven out of the 24 countries mentioned eat ham or turkey in some fashion.
  • In Romania, pork and beef aspic are the main course. (Phew, we're sure glad we don't eat Christmas dinner there.)
  • In Italy, they eat pasta. Okay, that's not really a surprise, but we think it's pretty great.
  • Lithuania eats pickled vegetables. We're jealous about that.

Check out what else these countries eat, or don't, on this special holiday dinner.

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