Cat Sneaks Out Of Christmas Gift Box At Exact Right Moment


This cat’s comedic timing is simply purr-fect.

By sneaking out of a gift box at just the right moment, she momentarily left a 3-year-old girl thinking she’d received an empty carton for Christmas.

“Nothing?” the confused youngster asks her parents in video that “Motherhood in Hollywood” podcast host Heather Brooker posted online Monday.

With the crafty feline hiding behind the Christmas tree, the girl’s bewilderment increases ― until she spots her new pet running across the floor.

“For months my husband and I have been planning to give our daughter a cat for Christmas,” Brooker wrote on her website.

Revealing that they’d discussed various ways of how to best surprise her with the animal, who they’ve since called Gracie I Love You Brooker, she said they settled on “letting her ‘open’ it as a gift.”

“It would be perfect!” Brooker added. “But sometimes when you plan things, they don’t end up the way you thought they would. They turn out even better.”

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