10 Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas That Only An Overachiever Would Do (PHOTOS)

For the wrapping-challenged, the grid on the back of most wrapping paper was one of the best innovations ever. (Along with heavy-duty tape.) But if you scoff at the masses whose presents always come out a little wonky, then these are the ideas you'll use to show them up. Heaven help the people who dare to tear into these packages instead of gently opening each seam.

1. Wrapping Paper With Personalized Photos Peeking Through Cut-Outs

2. Chalkboard-Inspired Wrap (Including A Handy Guide To Pens)

3. Individual Wreaths

4. Specially-Designed Hand-Cut Typographic Gift Wrap

5. Woven Ribbon That You Know Would Just End Up With You Cursing

6. Bunting Made By Cutting Individual Triangles From Paper Tape

7. Handmade Dip-Dyed Paper (Which, Of Course, Was Martha's Idea)

8. Hand-Sewn Ombre Glitter Gift Bags

9. Animals -- Which We Admit Are Awesome

10. Hand-Printed Gift Wrap And A Bow Hand-Crafted From Paper

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