This Guy Hates Christmas, So His Friend Pulled An Amazing Prank

Gareth Neary's entire bedroom was covered in decorative wrapping paper.

What do you get the Grinch in your life who notoriously hates Christmas?

Gareth Neary's friend John French was stuck for gift ideas for his pal, so he covered Neary's entire bedroom with festive wrapping paper instead.

French posted a video of a shocked Neary entering his room in Dublin on Facebook on Tuesday.

Neary looks stunned as he walks into the room and finds his walls, chests of drawers and television are all covered in the wrapping paper.

His friend has even wrapped up his sheets and pillows on the bed. The only things left untouched are the ceiling, the floor, the door and its frame, and the light.

To make matters worse, French revealed Neary had just traveled 30 hours from Sydney. It was quite the homecoming!

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