Christmas in Tuscany

Florence, the wonderful city that will never stop to attract visitors. Walking in Florence's streets is like walking in a museum.
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It was Christmas 2013, 'Buon 2013' in the beautiful Tuscany region, chilling between one place to the other by metros, trains and buses and enjoying the good food and the nice activities I've planned for myself.


Florence, the wonderful city that will never stop to attract visitors. Walking in Florence's streets is like walking in a museum. There are many attractions to enjoy such as the Duomo - Cathedral of Santa Maria dei Fiore, Piazza della Signoria, Basilica San Miniato al Monte, Ponte Vecchio, the Church of Santa Maria Novella and much more attractions.




Chilling in the streets specially in Christmas time made my experience more special.





From Florence Santa Maria Novella main train station, I planed trips to Chianti by bus and spent one day, to Siena by bus for another day and by train to Pisa to visit the Pisa leaning tower.

In the breathtaking Chianti, lovely village, best wine and olive oil tasting experience according to many. Best meditation in the nature.

Siena, the lovely medieval city, a popular city to be visited due to many attractions and sights mainly the "Palio di Sienna" the famous Palio which is a horse race that is taking place every summer in one famous Piazza. Celebrations with nice music and activities are taking place all around during the holiday times. Visiting Tuscany in Christmas was a blast.






I think travelers need more than one day in Siena to discover everything all around the city.

In Pisa, I walked to the wonderful leaning tower. Enjoying the shops and the happy atmosphere all around me. As a child, I heard a lot about the leaning tower of Pisa in the stories. It was a great experience to visit it and to climb to the top of the tower, beautiful views, fresh air and happiness fly in the sky. In Pisa, I visited Piazza dei Miracoli, he Piazza dei Cavalieri and other interesting places.






Happy Holidays with Italian coffee and Pizza :-)



Enjoy Christmas tree, the colors, the smiles, enjoy the time with the lovable people around you. Make happy experiences, make happy memories to be remembered. Spend your money more on experiences and less on things. Life is full of amazing places to be discovered.
"Buon" every new year with a big smile.
"Buon Natale e Felice Anno nuovo" Merry Christmas and Happy new year ...