Christmas Rage Room Lets You Wreck The Halls With Holiday Havoc

Run, Rudolph, run. No, seriously, they have bats. RUN!

A London “rage room” is offering people who are not having a holly jolly Christmas the chance to bash away, bash away, bash away all the symbols of the season.

For the equivalent of about $24, visitors donned a red jumpsuit and hard hat, grabbed a baseball bat and wreathed havoc by smashing trees and ornaments for three minutes in Rudolph’s Rage Room.

“I just imagined everyone from last Christmas who didn’t get me anything and then showed them how it was,” Pearse Egan, who hates Christmas, told CBS News.

The room featured “a range of Christmas-related paraphernalia, including trees, baubles, dancing Santas and much much more, all to the Christmas soundtrack of your choice,” organizers said.

There was also a bar.

Rage rooms have been popping up around the world, allowing people to spend a few minutes in the not-so-gentle release of smashing everything they hate, such as office paraphernalia or kitchens.

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