15 Christmas Songs Too Annoying For Words (VIDEO)

The 15 Most ANNOYING Christmas Songs

There are two types of annoying songs in the world: those that are annoying through some inherent fault, like cut-and-pasted overproduced vocal tracks (Auto-tune), tedious vocal masturbation (Mariah Carey) or Nickelback (Nickelback); and those that become annoying through repetition.

But combine those two conditions and you are a left with a third variety of annoying song that mercifully comes around only once a year: The Annoying Christmas Song. These are the tunes that assault the ear by synthesizing sappy lyrics and campy sound effects with the ambition of pop stars who know, sadly but wisely, that singing a simple holiday tune and slapping it on an album marked "NOW! That's What I Call Christmas!" will net them enough money to take the rest of the year off. But not before the song is repeated over and over and over again everywhere you go.

Here's our list of Christmas songs that drive us up a wall -- but if you disagree -- make sure to vote and explain what songs bug you in the comments!

Most Annoying Christmas Songs 2011 Edition

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