Washington Man's Christmas Tree Burns Down House, Dog Saves The Day (VIDEO)

Decorating a Christmas tree is one of the many joys of the holidays, but underneath the ornaments and the colorful lights is a serious fire hazard.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, there are an average of 230 Christmas tree fires per year. Robert Lefevre of Monroe, WA, knows those dangers all too well--he lost his home in a Christmas tree fire just days ago. He shared his story on HuffPost Live.

Lefevre's roommate was sleeping on the couch when their dog woke her up to a raging fire. She and the dog were able to escape safely, but Lefevre's home was torched.

"It's the first [tree] I had in that house," Lefevre explained to host Nancy Redd, adding that he bought the tree at his roommate's request. "It was a small one, with one string of lights on it. That's all it was."

The fire department told Lefevre that his live tree caused the blaze because it was dry.